Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poulan Chainsaw (Wild Thing) Bar Oil Problem, Any Advice Please?

I have a Poulan chainsaw 18 inch wild thing, I am not getting any oil to my bar and chain, has anybody any ideas why ?

How does the oil pump work?

Where is it ?Poulan Chainsaw (Wild Thing) Bar Oil Problem, Any Advice Please?
I am sure that it doesn't oil by gravity. There is a diaphram pump. Remove the bar and clean all the passages. Check the plastic hoses that supply the oil. Also check on the end of the hose in the tank, there should be a ';duckbill'; valve on the end of the hose. The hoses can not have any holes or be collapsed.Poulan Chainsaw (Wild Thing) Bar Oil Problem, Any Advice Please?
Thomas is is an automatic oiler..simply gravity...Clean the little plastic tube out that is on the left hand side under the cover as you are holding it to cut.. I mean left hand side as you hold it..
You can take off the bar and chain, leave the cover off, then start up the saw and look for oil coming out. I had an old Poulan that had an odd slot in the bar that the oil had to travel through to get to the chain, and it clogged easily. The oil came out of the saw fine, it just was not getting to the blade and bar. The slot was so small that it took me a minute to find it, but I knew it had to be there when I saw how and where the oil was getting to the bar. My newer model does not have this. Good luck.
there is no oil pump. it is gravity clean your tube some debris may be in it .also check if you have cold weather bar and chain oil. stop going to home depot and find a real chain saw dealer (jonesred etc.) he will have cold weather bar and chain oil and better advice than me.a thick bar and chain oil for summer looks a little like taffy below 40 degrees. if you are in florida than clean your tank and tube.
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